Fortifying Hard Work with Unmatched Durability, Precision, and Uncompromised Safety

Welcome to Anweca, where excellence meets experience.

As your reliable partner for over 30 years, our leadership team brings a collective expertise of 75+ years. We specialize in delivering top-tier workwear and personal protective equipment. Our commitment extends across diverse sectors, from mining and construction to oil and gas, ensuring compliance with rigorous quality standards under US Federal regulations. Our commitment to quality, durability, and innovation ensures that you have the utmost confidence in your gear, allowing you to perform at your best in any challenging work environment.

Join the Anweca community and experience the difference in workwear excellence.

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Introducing a Breakthrough in Indonesia: Harnessing the Power of High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) Fiber.

Unrivaled in Strength and Lightweight Design, our products outperform aramid fiber counterparts.

Regardless of moisture, the material maintains consistent performance and even floats on water.


Explore our durable and certified EN 471 safety vests, trusted for over 25 years.

Stay visible and protected in any work environment.

Join our satisfied customers and discover the quality we offer. 


Introducing the Pioneers of Flame Retardant Clothing & Flame Resistant Clothing (FRC) in Indonesia. 

Setting the Standard for Safety and Protection.


Experience the Ultimate Outdoor Clothing for All Weather Conditions.

Our high-performance fabric is not only windproof, waterproof, and water-repellent, but also breathable and eco-friendly.


Experience Unrivaled Protection in High-Temperature Environments with our Aluminized Hazmat Suit by Niragni, a brand by ANWECA.

Our Niragni Aluminized Hazmat Suit is specifically designed to safeguard against radiant heat and molten metal splash.

The suit is certified for Industrial Wear and meets the fire proximity protective equipment standards. Additionally, it has achieved the renowned Fire Shield certification, guaranteeing its exceptional quality and reliability.


Introducing Sandon: Your Reliable Choice for Heavy-Duty Workwear, including eco-friendly coveralls.

Sandon is your go-to brand for durable and rugged work apparel designed to withstand the toughest conditions. 

Our eco-friendly coveralls ensure that you can work hard while minimizing your environmental impact.

Experience the exceptional strength, reliability, and sustainability of Sandon’s workwear collection and elevate your performance on the worksite.


Experience superior protection with our quality tactical gear.

Made from durable and comfortable materials, our gear is built for maximum safety.

Trust Portamor for top-tier quality, strength, and comfort in protective tactical gear, whether you’re in law enforcement, the military, or a civilian seeking reliable protection.


Introducing Rabezeto, the trailblazer in anti-slash garments proudly crafted in Indonesia.

Our revolutionary clothing is meticulously engineered using an ultrahigh-performance cut and slash resistant fabric.

Experience the pinnacle of safety with Rabezeto, setting the new standard in cut-resistant apparel.

We value our clients and partners as our key stakeholders. Our mission is to build long-lasting relationships by providing high-quality corporate clothing solutions tailored to meet their specific needs. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and fostering a collaborative partnership that fosters mutual growth and success.

Working with ANWECA has been an excellent experience. Their arc flash garments and HRC2 products have consistently delivered top-notch performance, ensuring the safety of our team. Not only are their products of exceptional quality, but their customer service is also outstanding. ANWECA is a reliable partner that we highly recommend for all your procurement needs.


Procurement Manager

I trust ANWECA's products for my team in hazardous work environments. Their attention to detail and commitment to safety are unmatched. With ANWECA, I know my employees are well-protected.


HSE Manager

CORDONA safety vests have been a game-changer for us. The material is not only incredibly comfortable, but it also stands up to the demands of fieldwork.

What truly sets CORDONA apart is the superior high visibility these vests offer. They're like beacons in the field, ensuring that my team is easily seen and safe at all times. It's a relief knowing that we have gear that keeps us visible and protected. Thank you, ANWECA, for helping us prioritize safety without sacrificing comfort.


Safety Department Professional

In the demanding mining industry, comfort, durability, and protection are non-negotiable. ANWECA's heavy-duty work clothes have consistently delivered on all fronts. They're incredibly comfortable, remarkably durable, and provide superior protection in the harshest field conditions. I wouldn't trust any other manufacturer.


Mining Industry Professional

Quality is everything in my line of work, and I trust ANWECA's tactical uniforms implicitly. They're rugged, functional, and durable, providing the reliability I need in the field. Thank you for consistently delivering products that law enforcement professionals can count on.


Police Officer

EXTCLO's triblend and aramid fire retardant coveralls are exceptional. They're incredibly durable, comfortable, and trusted in the field. I rely on them with complete confidence. ANWECA's customer service is top-notch, making them easy to deal with, and their warranties provide peace of mind. Thank you, ANWECA, for ensuring my safety and comfort in the oil and gas industry.


Oil and Gas Industry Professional


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