With more than 22 years of experience in Garment Technology Manufacturing. We built a company named ANWECA (PT. Anugraha Wening Caranadwaya) in 2004. We specialize in corporate clothing. From regular indoor up to high performance outdoor apparel. Our special product is the Flame Retardant Protective Clothing. Which is the first made in Indonesia. We take customized order that suits the needs of our customers.


With experience in the field of garment since 1993, in 2004 we formed a legal entity with the name PT Anugraha Wening Caranadwaya (“ANWECA”).  We are working based on orders from companies with min. order 100 pieces per type.

1993 – 1998, our production is still in the form of regular stitches such as goods: bed linen duvet hotel, tees polo shirts, men’s shirts, pants shirts & suit for men for office employee and factory workers, women’s uniforms (SPG/Sales Promotion Girl).

In 1998, we began venturing into functional uniforms such as Safety Vest, Jacket, Coveralls.  The orders received  totaled tens of thousands of pieces per type.  In addition to the quality of the seam pattern are always guarded,we also always used an export quality textile and garment accessories materials. We purchased it inside and outside of the country.

In 2005, we got a call from the Government of Indonesia in order to help the Government to improve the import-export figures.  Then we  decided to reduce the number of import by: give priority to “local content”.   We started  to create materials that are usually imported, into material that could be produced and harvested in the country.   For a while our local production of the local ingredients in international quality are still a little bit low, so that it can only be used for the garment itself.  Slowly but surely, the material will be produced in a decent amount for marketed out of companies, to the rest of Indonesia, there will be more to reduce imports.  Our target is able to do export, to bring in foreign exchange.

In 2008, we are certified International EN-533 for Flame Retardant Flame Resistant Apparel

In 2009, we certified EN 471 for International Product Safety Vest.

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