The First In Indonesia.  Made from a special fiber called high Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE).  Compared with aramid fiber, HMPE is stronger and lighter. The performance of the material doesnt change whether its dry or wet. It floats in the water.

Level IV :

Armourindo Ballistic Plates is made of Pure UHMPE with Special molecular resin or PE+Sic (Silicone Carbide). Shooter cut design, Waterproof finishing

Threats : SS-1 AK47 (7.62 x39 mm); Springfields (7.62 x 51mm); Mauser (7.92); Winchester (30.06mm). Front & Back. Weight : 2,1 Kg /Pc

The  Carrier :

Outer is using Cordura Ballistic 1680 Denier
Special design, can hold 4 (four) plates: front & back, left & right.
The Carrier’s buckle and ring use Duraflex nylon.
MOLLE webbing at front and back panels that allows for the attachements of MOLLE’s accessories like holsters, mag pouches, and other essential gear.
At the back of the Carrier is completed with Hydration Bag and Helmet
Polynet case. One size fits all.
Embroideries can be made as per request, emblem or direct. Weight 1 Kg /Pc

Level III+++ :

Threats :

  • 7.62 mm x 39 mm ball (Ak47)
  • 7.62 mm x 51 mm ball (M14, M80, Springfield)
  • 5.56 mm x 45 mm ball 4TJ (M16, SS109, S S1)
    Weight : 1,8 Kg /Pc

Level IIIA Plate :

Threats :

  • 44 MAG
  • 9 mm Golck

Ballistic Fiber Comparison

Modulus (g/d)Strength (g/d)Elongation Break (%)Melting Temp©