Introducing a Breakthrough in Indonesia: Harnessing the Power of High Modulus Polyethylene (HMPE) Fiber. Unrivaled in Strength and Lightweight Design, our products outperform aramid fiber counterparts. Regardless of moisture, the material maintains consistent performance and even floats on water.


Introducing Armourindo – the ultimate ballistic protection solution for those who
demand the best. Our vest levels are based on the NIJ 01.01.06 standard,
including Level IV, Level III+, and Level IIIA for plate and soft body armor configurations.

Armourindo is the leading provider of ballistic protection solutions
designed to meet the highest standards. Our carrier is crafted from Cordura
Ballistic 1680 Denier, ensuring maximum durability and protection. With
customizable options available, we can tailor the carrier to suit your specific needs.

The plates used in Armourindo are made of pure UHMPWE with a special
molecular resin or PE+Sic (Silicone Carbide), making it the first Indonesian-made
product to meet such exceptional standards.

Level IV protection

Level III+ body armour

Level IIIA Plate

Ballistic Fiber Comparison

  Modulus (g/d) Strength (g/d) Elongation Break (%) Melting Temp©
STEEL 290 3.9 1.9 1600
NY6.6 28 10.5 20 255
HT-PET 75 9.2 13.5 260
HMPE 1030 32 4 150
Aramid 550 23 3.6 500


Armourindo body armor has been certified by SUC/102/Vlll/2016/PUSLITBANG and
SUC/104/VIII/2016/PUSLITBANG, ensuring it meets the highest safety standards.